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1briarycreek Empty briarycreek on Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:45 pm


Hello my name is Dave and I live in Fluvanna County close to Scottsville, Va.
I raise beagles for rabbit hunting that go back to the Patch Kennel of Willet Randall in New York. I raise chickens because I love to have fresh eggs and watch them hatch out and grow up to be nesting hens. I really enjoy the rare breeds. I have Welsummers, Black Copper Marans, Blue and Splash Marans, Assorted Pheonix and Aracaunas. I also keep various other breeds at times. I have Barred Rocks, Black Austrolorps, Rhode Island Reds and Sex Links. I also keep a couple different types of Bantams around. I like the Japanese and the Dutch bantams.I am new to poultry even though I have raise chickens for over ten years. Some of my hens are ten or more years old but still lay for me. I really enjoy them and seem to be bitten by the chicken bug. Seems every year I see something different I want to try. I probably have around 50 chickens now of different breeds.

2briarycreek Empty Re: briarycreek on Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:00 am


Thanks for joining and please enjoy

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